Your Pets Deserve the Best


Safe Lodging,
Care, & Fun for Your Pets!

We love your pet just like you do! Family is the word, the only word to describe the relationship we have with every pet that makes Hilltop their second home.
Your pet gives unconditional love and deserves the very best! It's not a stretch to say we are crazy about pets!

A Tired Pet
Is A Happy Pet!

Stay! Play! Fun! They're Worth It

We provide a loving, fun atmosphere staffed with experts that literally dream of ways to enrich your pet's life!

Learning, Guidance, & Companionship

Lodging gives your pet the support they need to be happy, stress-free, and easy to be with.

What They Truly Deserve

All pets need engagement and loving attention. That's what we do!!

Join The Fun Today

All pets at our facility are properly vaccinated and treated just like family. Safety is always the top priority!