Bookings are not confirmed online, a Hilltop associate will contact you to confirm your reservation.

Please be advised that reservations require a $50 deposit and peak seasons will incur a premium of $3 per pet per night in addition to the regular boarding.

Prices reflect single occupancy rates.

2023 Peak Season Dates

January 13th-16th

March 3rd-20th - local school's spring break

April 7th-10th - Easter weekend

​May 26th to September 5th

September 29th-October 16th - local school's fall break

November 17th-27th - Thanksgiving

December 15th to January 3rd, 2024 - Christmas & New Year


Ask us about our enrichment and recreational services!

In addition to your pet's regular rotation into the play yards, we also offer lap times, play times, and leash walks for $10/activity to give your pet some extra spoiling.

First Time Visitors

If your pet is a first-time visitor, please provide additional info in the 'comment' field below (age, activity level, etc.) This will assist us in recommending appropriate accommodations.

Spa Services (Canine Guests Only) are based on weight:

​1 to 10 pounds: $20.00

11 - 20 pounds: $26.00

21 - 40 pounds: $35.00

​41 - 60 pounds: $40.00

61 - 80 pounds: $45.00

81 - 99 pounds: $50.00

100 pounds and up: $65.00

​Nail trims are $15.00


We require the following vaccinations for all our guests staying at Hilltop:

Canine: Bordetella, Rabies, Distemper Combo. (or your veterinarian's equivalent), and Canine Influenza

Feline: FVRCP (or your veterinarian's equivalent), Rabies, and we recommend Feline Leukemia

If you have questions or concerns about the Canine Influenza vaccine please reference this site. We request this vaccine unless you can provide us with a medical exemption letter from your veterinarian due to age or another specific health concern.