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Fun for Other Small Pets!

Pocket Pets & Exotics

We have the education, experience, and love to care for and keep all types of pocket pets, reptiles, etc. We offer them a private, quiet space to reduce stress. Any required heat lamps / caging and food should be brought with the pet.

Exotic Animal Boarding

Birds: $10 per bird per night

Guinea Pigs: $10 per pig per night

Rabbits: $10 per rabbit per night

Every Guest Gets...

  • Immaculately Clean Enclosures
  • Food 2X Per Day
  • Air Purifier
  • 100% Secure Location
  • Sunlight

  • Climate Controlled
  • 24 hr on-site caretakers
  • Room for sitting
  • Fun Music for Days
  • Soothing Music for Nights